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World's Smallest Parcel of Land?!

The world's smallest parcel of land as photographed above brought a sense of community to the Chesterton area as it was able to fund a huge celebratory event for the hundredth anniversary of the small town of Chesterton.

In 1952, the event was funded by selling off one-square-inch parcels of land which included the names of the sellers atop the land. The parcel of land south of the train tracks on Calumet Avenue included the name of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This marked it as a landmark to visit in the small, but glorious town of Chesterton.

Viewing this parcel in person is definitely a unique experience—to say the least. The parcel plays an instrumental role in Chesterton’s rich history that very few people actually know about. Measured at about 1x1 ft, 26 buyers including Eisenhower banded together and created a historical landmark that requires a double-take just to find. Travel on Calumet near Octave Grill and try to find this hidden gem for yourself!

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