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The Dog Days of Summer

Having been open since 2011, Dog Days Ice Cream Parlor is the go-to spot for hard-scoop ice cream in the summertime. The owner, Marty Shrader, takes great pride in his parlor and has begun to take his business further with the introduction of his catering truck which has been extremely successful during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Marty says that the best part about his job is seeing satisfied customers and good reviews. Flavors including the fan-favorite “Zanzibar Chocolate” and Marty's personal favorite “Salted Caramel” are featured in the catering cart as it travels across Chesterton to birthday and graduation parties.

Dog Days Ice Cream Parlor is a fundamental business to the community of Chesterton. With its friendly employees, accommodating management, and fun atmosphere, this ice cream parlor serves to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you are looking for a lunchtime treat or an after-dinner snack, Dog Days can provide you and your whole family with tasty, affordable ice cream.

With Marty's strife for good customer reviews and joy in seeing the smiles on people's faces, Dog days is here to stay in Chesterton. Ice cream will continue to be the principal treat for people of all ages, and the demand for it will never stop as places like Dog Days Ice Cream Parlor continue to satisfy our cravings!

Follow them on Facebook to find out where their ice cream truck may be this summer! Learn more about Dog Days here!

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