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The Virtues of Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown opened Chesterton Brewery in 2019 with the motto: “Beer N BBQ that is family friendly.” The veteran-owned 45,000 square foot brewpub/restaurant with a

wide-ranging menu is in a renovated factory building that has high ceilings and custom

woodwork. The establishment also gives back to the community. It boasts a huge bar area with

big screens TVs for watching games, and upstairs, a family friendly space.

For four years Brown served as a U.S. Marine during the Gulf War. Brown's inspiration

for Chesterton Brewery is to give back to veterans in need. Even the names that Brown gives his special craft brews salute veterans who have honorably served our country.

Brown then turned to a new venture to honor his great great grandfather, a Baptist minister who doubled as a moonshiner. Duneland Distillery sprouted from this legacy, The distillery started from a humble background; originally the building was an old bowling alley.

The space had an industrial look to start, but Brown has given it a warm ambience that makes

people want to gather there with friends and toast to the “spirit” of his great great grandpa.

Brown also holds special events in the space, such as September’s Gin Night that attract large

groups of people. Come down for a savory swig of Duneshine! Chesterton Brewery, 1050 Broadway, Ste. 36, is open Tuesday through Sundays.

For more information, go to Duneland Distillery, 124 N. 8th St., is open

Thursdays through Saturdays. Check out the website for more details at

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