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Games Available for Pre-order NOW!

Pick up available

May 2024!

Own that favorite downtown business you've always wanted to own! Or buy them all in the new Chestertonopoly game! 

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games arrive in may!

Pre-order yours today! 

See the game in other cities!

want your art on the box or the board? stay tuned to our facebook/instagram for details! 

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Get to Know Us

About Us

The Chesterton Branding and Leadership Corporation (CBLC) is a 501c3 non-profit composed of mostly local business owners, commercial real estate owners, and concerned citizens, with strong roots in the Town of Chesterton.  Since our beginning, we have had a successful working relationship  with the Town of Chesterton to ensure our vision coincides with the Town’s vision. Our strategy is to continue to focus on drawing the influx of visitors that visit our recently donned Indiana Dunes National Park and surrounding lakeshores into our Chesterton businesses. 


Our Mission

The mission of the Chesterton Branding Leadership Corporation is to create and support a vibrant, thriving Chesterton community celebrating the art of life while enhancing the historical charm of Chesterton. Currently, the CBLC’s primary focus is to improve the downtown district. 

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