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Taco Tuesday!

Established in October 2020, owners Maria Huerta and Joel Soriano embarked on the enduring mission of starting “Joe’s Downtown Tacos'' during a global pandemic. Being a locally-owned restaurant, it initially suffered at the expense of the Covid-19 pandemic; however, with the community's support and through hard work, this up-and-coming restaurant bloomed. In providing jobs to people in need and offering an authentic, lighthearted atmosphere for citizens to dine at, Joe's Downtown Tacos is likely to take Chesterton by storm within the next few months.

Joe's Downtown Taco Team

Maria and Joel, aspire to cultivate an authentic eatery where the citizens of Chesterton can bring their families and friends to eat. With its convenient location and diverse menu, Joe's Downtown Tacos is the perfect place to share a meal and make a memorable experience with your loved ones. Part Owner, Maria Huerta, recommends the "Sopes" dish to all prospective customers looking to try something new.

Joe's Downtown Tacos intends to partner with Fat Burrito, the two owners having familial ties, and open another new restaurant soon in Chesterton near Abbiocco. The opportunity to expand upon their already successfully established restaurant will be taken in order to further share their love and appreciation for Mexican cuisine and culture.

Take a look at their Facebook page and make Joe's Downtown Tacos part of your next Taco Tuesday!

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