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The Toy Story

Chesterton Toys, a wondrous place for children full of magic and the making of memories serves to keep the community happy through these tough times. Their primary purpose is to see smiling faces on each and every person throughout the town and to bring boundless joy to children all around. This whimsical shop offers a range of safe and sustainable toys for children to treasure forever.

The store owner, Zachary Kinsey, is not unfamiliar with the success of the toy shop as he has been working in the toy industry for 10 years. After spending 7 years at their previous location, Chesterton Toys relocated across the street. Zachary said that his initial goal was to foster an environment that is not only fun but educational and inviting as well. Along with that, he says that the best part about his job is being able to see the community and the appreciation it has for the shop.

This business acts as a safe place for people of all ages due to its welcoming atmosphere and open-mindedness with respect to peoples' interests, ideas, and identities. In a world consumed by technology, it is important to have businesses, like Chesterton Toys, that encourage children to use their imagination and actively play.

Support local and stop into Chesterton Toys on your next toy search! Check them out online as well!

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