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There's no place like gnome

They may be GIANT or they may be small

They may be on windows or maybe on walls.

Inside or outside or sitting upon a chair

Looking like a famous painting or floating in the air.

Gnomes hiding in plain sight all over town

Check HIGH, check LOW, look UP and look DOWN.

Hunt with your Gnomies and have a plan

Find every Gnome on our list. We gnome that you can!

Download your sheet below or play online with our quiz here:


So what is this?

It's official! Chesterton has

been overrun by GNOMES!

The Town of Chesterton has become host to a legion of hospitality Gnomes. These adorable little creatures have hidden themselves all over town in over 30 participating businesses. It’ll take some luck and some skill to decode the clues and find as many as you can. Don’t be afraid to go into businesses and ask about their gnomes. Below are some FAQ’s



1. Download your answer sheet (above).

2. Follow the clues (below) to find the gnomes around town. 

3. Write down the location of the gnomes on the answer sheet when you discover them

4. Turn in your answer sheet at the end of your gnome hunt to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce or email it to

5. Take selfies with the gnomes and post on social media using the hashtags #visitchesterton & #noplacelikegnome


Note: Some gnomes are inside (I) businesses, Some are visible from the outside (O). The name of the street of the business is in ( ) right after the clue.



In a Gnometown, just south of the Lake Michigan Shore
Is a protective and knowledgeable insurer who doesn’t view helping neighbors as a chore (Calumet / Chesterton) (O)


It’s all about the smile in Gnometown, USA
Keep your family’s toothy grins healthy and those cavities at bay. (Voyage Blvd. / Chesterton) (I)


If things are out of focus this place can assist
Gnome when you need new glasses and whose help you can enlist (Beverly / Chesterton) (I)


Big kids, small kids, old kids, young kids all love to play
This stop for Gnomerific gear will provide the fun all day (Calumet / Chesterton) (I)


The Woodsy Gnome looks for treasures to wear and cool things to decorate the dwelling
Accessories, essentials and eclectic finds are what this special place is selling
(Calumet / Chesterton) (I)


For tools or tips to give that home project high hopes,
Stop by the place with the helpful hardware folks.
(Calumet / Chesterton) (I)


It’s mystical, it’s magical, it’s full of crystals and good energy
For the Gnome who needs her sparkle back, this is the place to be. (Broadway / Chesterton) (I)


A Gnomie sometimes needs a doctor to help his health and wellness stay in line
An adjustment may be needed to treat his gnomie hips, shoulders and spine.
(Indian boundary Road / Chesterton) (I)


The Gnome here will help you if a misfortune should befall you and leave you feeling blue
With this place, your boat, your home, your car and more will be safe through and through
(Broadway / Chesterton) (I)


A cup of tea or cup of coffee served with a cup of cheer on any given day
Is what makes a little Gnome happy in every single way (Broadway / Chesterton (O)


Gnomes love windows and corners and nooks
Especially ones where they can buy fine, rare books (Broadway / Chesterton) (O)


Our STAR of the show, Vincent Van Gnome is at home among art. He waits to greet other art lovers by this red building with heart.
(4th Street / Chesterton) (O & I)


While you are out for a spin, check alongside the train crossing
Weave through town to find the Gnome that enjoys embroidery flossing
(Broadway & 4th Street Chesterton) (O)


Gnomes want to have fun anytime while we get buff, healthy and strong
With the help of this place it won’t take too long (Indian Boundary Rd. / Chesterton) (O)


Where you lay your hat is your Gnome so settle down here
The agents in the place with the black and white stripes will find you a house that is near (Calumet / Chesterton) (I/O)


This Sweet Eco Boutique, owned by a gal and her Mom, sells candles, jewelry, cool clothes, and shoes
She teaches painting classes from her stylish shop with park views (Broadway / Chesterton) (I)


This place where we live… there are Gnomes in the grass and Gnomes in the trees
Gnome Sweet Gnome for new tenants who just get their keys (1100 N / Chesterton) (O)


When a Gnome wants some cards, special t-shirts, posters or flyers
He, she or they can go to a duplicator that never tires. (Calumet Road / Chesterton) (I)


There is Gnome Place like Porter County a visitor might say
This spot can tell you where the fun is and show you the way! (Hwy 49 / Porter) (O)


The couple of yellow clothed love Gnomes that sit in this place
May lead you to some falafel, pita and a fruit that gives you a puckered up face. (Indian Boundary / Chesterton) (O)


Blue is his color, this Gnome is sworn to serve and protect us all
If you are in trouble, 911 is who you call (Broadway) (I)


The building that houses the works of the town isn’t at all out of reach
But, the Gnome that sits inside their front door is ready for summer and the beach! (Broadway / Chesterton) (I)


There are more stacks to be had in a cozy book space
Gnomes like to read by the round fireplace (Francis St. / Porter) (O)


Gnomes love to read, it is no surprise
Here you will find Harry Potter, Hamlet, and Lord of the Flies (Indiana Ave. / Chesterton) (O)


With an ax on his belt and a hose on his shoulder
This Gnome that saves lives battles flames, smoke and smolder (Broadway) (I)


Gnome breakfast is served and Gnome lunch too
At this Coast with the most pancakes for you (Indian Boundary Rd) (O)


When looking for advice of the legal sort
Gnomes are known to gather here and cavort (Wabash Ave) (O)


This Gnomie has cents and knows where to put them.
She checks for savings and loans at this Gnometown gem ( Broadway) (I)


You found the North Gnome’s fiduciary by playing our game Now spot the South Gnome’s trusted financial partner of the same name (South Calumet) (I)


This guy has sleeves of his personal art
This Gnome’s Ink says what is close to his heart (South Calumet Ave.) (I) and (O)


Run to the corner to see Gnome-nado twist and turn
Fruit that grows on these vines yields the drink for which we yearn. (I)&(O)(Broadway, Chesterton)


The Gnome at the T stop dances a with a tap
See him in the window there with pretty flowers on his cap (I) (Broadway, Chesterton)


Enjoy the deck at this fine pub that dons our area code
Feel the power of the flower at this gnome gal’s new abode. (O)&(I) (3rd Street, Chesterton)


Gnomies is staying the night where the lovely host entertains, he looks around and loves the house full of trains. (Broadway)(O)


There's no place

like gnome!

Now, you’ve found as many Gnomes as you could

You’ve taken selfies and hashtagged all over this fine neighborhood

Head to the Duneland Chamber office at 220 Broadway

Turn in your answers, get your sticker and shout out Hooray!


Q: Why are we hunting for Gnomes?

A: For some safe, social distanced, good old fashioned fun!

Q: How do I find the Gnomes all around town?

A: See above for CLUE section. Print or use on your mobile device. Print the Answer Sheet (also above) and write down the name of the businesses where you discover the Gnomes.

Q: Where are these Gnomes from?

A: Most of the businesses have provided their own gnomes that reflect a little bit of their personalities. 8 of the Gnomes were crafted by the Chesterton High School Art Club for a Community Service project. They are AMAZING and we hope that you enjoy them.

Q: What are Gnomes?

A: Gnomes are wee little mythical creatures that are symbols of good luck and cheer.  

Q: What do I get if I find all of the Gnomes?

A: Each month, local businesses are donating prizes for our winners! You also get an adorable Gnome Hunt Sticer!  Just stop by the Duneland Chamber to get your Gnome sticker. If you turn your answer sheet with at least 10 answers into the Duneland Chamber of Commerce at 220 Broadway or email it to you will be entered into a drawing at the end of May where you can win some prizes like gift certificates and goodie bags. Also--- Many of the businesses are offering Gnome Hunt Incentives. They are giving discounts and treats like stickers and swag to Gnome Hunters. ASK! ASK! ASK!

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