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The Upsadaisy Market is a curated, juried market.

We are looking for vendors in the following categories:


People who make interesting things from what some people may consider junk

Antique Dealers

People who specialize in objects older than 100 years old per industry standard. 

Vintage Dealers

People who specialize in collectibles older than 25 years old


Stained glass, folk art, fiber art, rug makers, metal art, garden art, etc. This category is endless

Fine Art

People who make amazing pieces or have the eye for amazing pieces.

Food & Beverage

Providing food and drinks for the visitors.


We are seeking some sellers of raw materials and old junk that our shoppers can turn into treasures!

Personal Care

Soaps, candles, lotions, salts, oils, etc...

Thee without a category

We still love you. This would be for those vendors that don't fit nicely into any of the above categories. 

You know who you are.

Outdoor Market

Cost is $35 per week for a 10’x10’ booth space.

If you want more space: 10’ x 20’ booth spaces is a $60.

Larger custom booth spaces must be quoted by CBLT. Please indicate on your application. 



The 2021 Upsadaisy Market is

5 weeks long.


To the left, you will find our pricing options per booth space, with price breaks for bigger spaces.

To the right, you will find the long term costs that cover half and full seasons!

If you have any questions, go ahead and apply below and a member of our team will reach out!

Fish Market

The 2021 Upsadaisy Market is 5 weeks long. The cost for all of those markets paid week by week starts at $175. However, if you pay in advance to become a Season Vendor and pay for all markets upfront you will get a discount!

2021 Paid in Full Pricing

(Good for all 5 weeks)

10x10 Space - $150

10x20 Space- $250


Q: How do I get in?

A: First look over the criteria to see if you are eligible to participate. Then fill out an application. Your application will be reviewed by the jury. Once approved, you will be notified and given access to a vendor portal where you can pay for your booth space and reserve your spot or spots for the markets in which you are interested.

Q: What are the times of the market?

A: The market starts at 10am on Sundays. You may begin setting up your booth at 8am. The market is over at 4pm. You must not take your booth down before the market is over without special permission from the CBLT or the Upsadaisy Market Manager.

Q: How many spots are available?

A: We have 150 spots available every Sunday

Q: Will I get my money back if it rains?

A: No. This is a rain or shine market. You will get your money back if we cancel the market for the day however.

Q: Do you have tents to rent?

A: No. We are sorry that we do not have tents, table or chairs to rent.

Q: Is there parking?

A: You are free to park anywhere in Chesterton where there is free parking.

Q: May I drive onto the grass in Thomas Centennial Park to unload my vehicle?

A: No. There are no vehicles permitted on the grass. You must cart your wares to your booth space.

Q: Can I choose my own spot?

A: Maybe. We do consider requests for spots when assigning them but, the layout of the market is very deliberate. We will put you where you will likely draw the most customers. We want our vendors to do well and will certainly discuss your preferences.


Thank you to our sponsors!